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Giclée print on art paper 300g

50 x 70 cm - 19.7 x 27.6 in

Limited edition.


'as far as the eye can see' is a collection of all 31 prompts announced during inktober 2023, all gathered in one drawing. 


This year's edition is inspired by portulans, which were old maps made between the 13th and 18th century, created before coordinates were invented. The inktober prompts (opening on DREAM, which in this drawing became a chimera, because in French a dream is "un rêve", but also "une chimère") quickly inspired the idea of a treasure map, so here is my rendition! A foray into unknown techniques and world mythologies, this year's edition trly was a challenge!


All prints are titled, dated, signed and numbered.


You can personalise this print! Explain to me what you would like to add to your print and I will be more than happy to include a detail to make it unique, just for you!

not all those who wander are lost